NYU Identity: Exterior Signage Guidelines

Creative Direction, Graphic Design

As a leading academic institution with locations across the globe, NYU must express a clear and consistent visual identity across all media and communications. Consistent use of the University’s branding creates unified messaging and reinforces the collective value of the institution. As part 6 of an expansive series of identity manuals, Michael designed and developed NYU’s Exterior Signage Guidelines. These guidelines ensure the success of branded exterior signage and coordinated wayfinding systems that help students navigate campuses and find destinations more easily. This manual provides approved graphic elements, materials, and fabrication guidelines for all standard exterior signage, including flags, banners, entrance signs, and campus maps. It covers graphic elements such as typography, color, logo placement, and message hierarchy, and defines sign type specifications, graphic layouts, conventions, and architectural implementation. Designed by Via Collective, Inc., the design firm of record.

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