P.R. Quinlan

Branding, Creative Direction, Graphic Design

P.R. Quinlan is a government relations and strategic advisory firm that helps businesses and other organizations understand and respond successfully to public policy challenges and opportunities. Patrick Ryan Quinlan, or P.R. as he was known, is the great-great-grandfather of the founder, Frank Caliva. P.R. built a flourishing nursery and greenhouse business while growing his involvement in civic matters and diversified business interests. Now, a century since his passing, P.R.’s drive for excellence, passion for innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and civic-mindedness are the animating principles of the new firm that bears his name. Michael’s identity for P.R. Quinlan, a simple, abstracted greenhouse paired with a contemporary yet formal typeface, captures the spirit of P.R.’s legacy while signifying growth, clarity, transparency and precision. Ultimately attracting businesses looking for a stream-lined, high quality, results-focused government relations firm.

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